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Chinese Number Recognition and Image Processing
C; C++; Win32;


Chinese Number Recognition and Image Processing Pic My approach to symbol recognition of Chinese numerals uses techniques well established in digital image processing, including black/white conversion, digital binary morphology, pixel histograms for line counting, Zhang-Suen thinning for skeletonization, and other simple techniques such as median filtering.  These techniques are combined to form a feature extraction algorithm.  Once features are identified simple table lookups are preformed for number recognition.  The table is constructed from known features in each of the non-complex and common Chinese numerals.

This project also implements basic image processing algorithms, including point and neighborhood operations.

  • Chinese Number Recognition Write-up [ pdf ]
  • Chinese Number Recognition and Image Processing Manual [ html ]
  • Skeletonization Presentation [ pdf ]
  • Available on request
C#; ASP.NET; SOAP; C; C++; Win32; GCC; Flex&Bison; Parrot;

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